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SpongeBob SquarePants

He is the main character of this show. He lives in a pineapple under the sea. Gary is his pet snail, and Patrick is his best friend. They always go jelly fishing and hang out. Sometimes they get into trouble and sometimes they do something good. Like in one episode they took care of a baby clam. Spongebob was the mom and Patrick was the dad (because he had no shirt). His main passion is to become the world greatest fry cook. He hopes to one day follow in the foot steps of the Krusty Krabs previous fry cook- Jim. Even though he barely gets paid at the Krusty Krab he stills shows up everyday on time with a smile. He stalls a lot and when ever he takes the driving test he always fails (and ends up hurting Mrs.Puff....badly) In one episode they said he had taken it 89 times. He did pass once but that was because he cheated using Patrick. He has two loving parents and a amazingly sweet grandma. He also has one of the most destructive cousins.

Patrick Star

SpongeBob's Best friend, Patrick Spends most of his time doing nothing, and hanging out with SpongeBob all the time. Even though he isn't the brightest bulb (he didn't even recognize his own mom and dad!) but he has a big heart. He lives under a rock and lives right next door to Spongebob. He has won an award for longest amount of time doing nothing. He does not have a job. he enjoys sleeping, eating, blowing bubbles, and jellyfishing with Spongebob. He likes to bother Squidward A LOT. Spongebob often gets his advice from Patrick and after one attempt Patrick passed his driving test and got his license before Spongebob (the one thing he can really do).

Squidward Q. Tentacles

Squidward is a whiny stick-in-the-mud; a self-centered snob who imagines himself to be sophisticated and talented, but he's rather average and untalented. He's jealous, especially of his classy and successful nemesis, Squilliam Fancyson. He's quick to anger and just about everything annoys him. The Krusty Krab annoys him. Mr. Krabs annoys him. But most of all, SpongeBob annoys him, almost 24 hours a day. Besides working side by side with SpongeBob at the Krusty Krab, Squidward is SpongeBob's next-door neighbor. If it weren't for the fact that SpongeBob is the only one who appreciates his clarinet playing, modern dance routines, and artistic abilities, Squidward would have nothing to do with him. SpongeBob finds Squidward's grumpiness part of his charm, knowing that deep down Squid's got a good heart and likes to have fun, Squidward just doesn't know it!

Sandy Cheeks

Sandy Cheeks is a squirrel from the great state of Texas. Since she is a land-based, oxygen breathing species, she lives in a large, glassed-in, underwater home in Bikini Bottom known as the "Treedome", where she invents amazing devices and performs awesome experiments. Sandy is one smart squirrel but is also into extreme sports, surfing and most of all … ka-ra-te! SpongeBob is her favorite sparring partner. She loves Texas and misses it on occasion, but not enough to leave her new home and new pals! Even though in one episode she almost did, but Spongebob and Patrick made a plan to make her realize she was around people who love her :)

Eugene H. Krabs

Mr. Krabs is SpongeBob's boss and the owner of The Krusty Krab home of the delicious Krabby Patty. Nobody's cheaper or greedier or prouder of it. His favorite thing to say is, "I like money!" Krabs still has the first penny he ever earned and all his savings is stashed in his mattress. Mr. Krabs likes SpongeBob because he's willing to work long hours for little pay, and has occasionally taken him under his claw (especially if there is personal financial gain involved). Krabs has an ongoing rivalry with Plankton, the owner of The Chum Bucket. Krabs is obsessed with keeping his Krabby Patty secret formula safe from Plankton. However, each secretly enjoys competing with the other. The only thing that has more control over Mr. Krabs than money is his teenage daughter, Pearl, who just happens to be a whale..

Sheldon J. Plankton

Mr. Krabs’s arch-rival “Sheldon” Plankton is a little microbe with a big attitude problem. Owner of the rival restaurant, The Chum Bucket, Plankton’s only objective in life is to steal Krabs’s secret Krabby Patty recipe. Then he can steal away The Krusty Krabs’s customers as well. Plankton knows nothing about preparing food and as a result The Chum Bucket’s menu (consisting mostly of chum products) is horrible. Plankton rarely has a customer, but he’s a nasty little fellow who never gives up. Plankton’s companion is his computer wife: K.A.R.E.N. Karen tries to assist Plankton in his dastardly schemes to get the secret formula, but Plankton’s ego never allows him to succeed.

Gary The Snail

SpongeBob's loyal pet is a sea snail. He may not move so fast and he may leave a trail of slime everywhere he goes and he may not be so good at catching Frisbee s or fetching slippers, and sometimes he’s a real stick in the mud, but Gary's the best darn pet an invertebrate sea sponge with square pants could possibly ask for, and that's all that matters. Gary possesses the ability to speak, though his vocabulary consists of one word: “Meow”. However, SpongeBob, his doting master can understand exactly what he is saying, whether it be advice or a request for “Food!”


Squilliam Fancyson

Squilliam is everything that Squidward isn't, he's rich, famous, has hair. He is an incredibly successful person.

Mrs. Poppy Puff

Mrs. Puff works as a Boating School Driving instructor who teaches students at Mrs. Puff's Boating School. She is a funny character who is scared of putting SpongBob on a boat cause she thinks his a bad driver. She is always getting hurt by SpongeBob. In one episode she gave Spongebob his license just so he could stop taking the test. She ended up going to jail (oh well...). She is a little paranoid at the thought of Spongebob beeing in a car with her and even is annoyed when he is in class. Mrs.Puff also had a thing for Mr.Krabs in an episode ;) Ooo lala.

Pearl Krabs

Pearl is Mr.Krabs daughter. She is a bit to hyper and is always trying to get money from her dad. She also tries to get as much freedom as she can. Sometimes she thinks her dad is uncool (but we know it's somewhere in there) She wants to be a cheerleader and when there was a talent show at the Krusy Krabb she almost "brought the house down" literally.

Larry the Lobster

He's a muscular lobster who spends all his time at the beach. He's Life Guard at the beach.

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are two old superhero character that SpongeBob and Patrick watch on t.v and want to be like. They are also very lame superhero's that don't really do much since they're old

The Flying Dutchman

He haunts Bikini Bottom. He is the all-time knot-tying champ. The Flying Dutchman lives in a ghostly flying ship, and sometimes wears a little sock on his ghostly tail.

Patchy the Pirate

Patchy the Pirate is president of the spongebob fan club, he host all of the spongebob specials.He is actually Tom Kenny, the voice of SpongeBob, in a pirate suit.

Harload and Claire SquarePants

SpongeBob's Parents, they are both sponges and wear square pants like their son (SpongeBob)


Using a Magic Pencil SpongeBob drew a clone of himself. That turned out to be very evil, and tried to erase SpongeBob out of Bikini Bottom.But found his weakness Paper and has been stuck on it ever since



just a random character found in many episodes, most famous was when he was cashier at Barg'n-Mart. Where SpongeBob has slowly taken the joy/fun out of his life.
loubefore.jpgLou before louafter.jpg Lou after

Bubble Buddy

SpongeBob needed a new friend, so he created Bubble Buddy out of Bubbles. The to of them went around annoying everyone in Bikini Bottom, so much that they could not stand him anymore and were going to pop the bubble. Then, Bubble Buddy came to life, saved himself from being popped and took a bubble cab out of there.


One of the meanest fish in Bikini Bottom. He always threatens to beat Spongebob up. In one episode he tried to but because Spongebob is made out of a sponge like material he absorbed the hits and it didn't affect him. He even beats up his own dad when he talks to strangers.


Bubble Bass

He is in like only a few episodes, but he's mean, snotty, and an all-around hated person.He does not like anyone and tries to make everyone miserable.

Don The Whale

Don is one of the guys that hangs out at Mussle Beach lifting wieghts. He tough, but not as tough as Sandy, who beat him in an anchor-tossing competition too.


He shows up in most of the Spongebob episodes but he rarely speaks. He's only spoken a few times in the show.


This surfer dude hangs out at the beach and surfs. In the bubble buddy episode SpongeBob accidentally buries him up to his head, just as high tide came in so in a sense SpongeBob kills Scooter.


Dennis, an assassin hired bby planktonto take out SpongeBob and Patrick, shows he does not like people mocking him, by ripping off the months of two hillbilly gas station attendents during theSpongeBob SquarePants movie.

Song Lyrics

Theme Song

Are ya ready kids?
Aye, Aye captain!
I can't heeeaaar yooouuu!
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
Sponge Bob Square Pants!
Absorbent and yellow and porous is he.
Sponge Bob Square Pants!
If nautical nonsense be somethin' ya wish.
Sponge Bob Square Pants!
Then drop on the deck and flop like a fish.
Sponge Bob Square Pants!

Sponge Bob Square Pants,
Sponge Bob Square Pants,
Sponge Bob Square Pants,
Sponge Booob Square Paaants!
Ah Ha Ha, Ha Ha Ha, Ha, hArgh wh..arire..Ha arrrigh.

Fun Song

F is for friends who do stuff together,
U is for you and me,
N is for anywhere and anytime at all down here in the deep blue sea!!!

F is for fire that burns down the whole town!
U is for uranium..... bombs
N is for no survivors when you're.....

Plankton! That's not what fun is all about! Now, do it like this.
F is friends that do stuff to-...

NEVER!!! That's completely idiotic.

Here, let me help you, F is for friends who do stuff together,
U is for you and me,
Try it!

N is for anywhere and any time at all,
Down here in the deep blue sea.

Plankton: I don't understand this, I fell all tingly inside. Should we stop?

Spongebob: No! That's how you're supposed to feel!

Plankton: Well I like it, lets do it again!


Spongebob and Plankton:F is for frolic through all the flowers
U is for ukelele
N is for nose pickin, sharin gum and sand lickin
Here with my best buddy!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha,
Ha ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Ripped my Pants

I thought that I had everybody on my side,
'till I went and blew it,
all sky high
and now she won't even spare a passing glance
all just because I ripped my pants.

When big Lary came 'round just to put him down
Spongebob turned into a clown
and no girl ever wants to dance
with a fool who went and ripped his pants

I know I shouldn't mope around,
I shouldn't curse
but the pain feels so much worse
Cause windin up with no one is a lot less fun
then a burn from the sun
or sand in your buns....

Now I learned a lesson I won't soon forget
so listen and you won't regret
be true to yourself
don't miss your chance
and you won't end up like the fool...who...ripped...his..PAAANTS

Krusty Krab Pizza


The Krusty Krab Pizza
Is the pizza for you and me

The Krusty Krab pizza
is the pizza

The Krusty Krab pizza is the pizza for you and me

The Krusty Krab pizza
is the pizza
under the sea

(Deep Voice)
The Krusty Kraaaaaaaaaaab pizza
is the pizza yea yea
for you and
(High Pitched Voice)

Campfire Song

external image 160370.medium160.jpg
Spongbob: Let's gather on the campfire
If you want to sing along
The CAMPFIRE song Song
If this is longer to your feet
Just sing along to me and
It will help it if you just sing along.....

Patrick: Dum....Dum....dum.......

Spongebob: CAMPFIRE SONG song
If this is longer to your feet
Just sing along to me and
It will help it if you just sing along

Patrick: C.c.c.c.ampf

Spongebob: Squidward


Spongebob: GOOD!
It will help
It will help!
If you just sing along

The Sponge

All right, you invertebrates.
I'm gonna teach you how to do The Sponge.
Well, if you take your leg and you stick it in the air,
And then you take the other one and jam it right up there,
You twist yourself around and give a great big lunge,
Now you're doin' The Sponge.
Huh, do The Sponge, Sponge, oh do The Sponge,
Beat your buns you're doin' The Sponge.
Well, now, first you take your leg
And you stick it in the air,
And then you take the other one,
And you jam it right up there,
You twist yourself around
And you give a great big lunge,
Now you're doin', yeah, now you're doin' The Sponge.

Now That We're Men

external image 2727223_0c747f85c0.jpg
Now that we're men, we can do anything
Now that we're men, we are invincible
Now that we're men, we'll go to shell city
Get the crown, save the town and Mr. Krabs
Now that we're men, we have facial hair
Now that we're men, I change my underwear
Now that we're men, we got a manly flair
We got the stuff, we're tough enough to save the day
We never had a chance when we were kids, no no no
But take a look at what we've already did, ha ha ha
Now that they're men, we can't bother them
Now that they're men, they have become our friends
Now that they're men, there'll be a happy end
They'll pass the test, and finish the quest for the crown
They'll pass the test
And finish the quest
They'll pass the test, and finish the quest for the crown\


external image texas.jpg
Wish I was back in Texas.
The ocean's no place for a squirrel.
Wish I was in Texas,
Prettiest place in the world, oh no.
I guess a'deep in my heart,
I'll always be a Texas girl.
I wanna go ho-o-o-o-o-ome, ho-ome.
I wanna wake up in Texas.
I miss those wide open skies.
I miss my 20 acres,
Barbeques and pecan pies, oh why?
When I'm so far from you, Texas,
All I can do is cry.
I wanna go ho-o-o-o-ome,
(low voice) I wanna go ho-ome.

The Loop de Loop

Wanna learn how to tie your shoe?
It's a very easy thing to do.
Just sit on down and I'll give you the scoop,
What's that? It's called the loop-de-loop.
You gotta take a lace in each hand,
You go over and under again,
You make a loop-de-loop and pull,
And your shoes are lookin' cool.
You go over and back, left to right,
Loop-de-loop and you pull 'em tight,
Like bunny ears or a Christmas bow,
Lace 'em up and you're ready to go.
You make a loop-de-loop and pull,
And your shoes are lookin' cool.
You make a loop-de-loop and pull,
And your shoes are lookin' cool.

Stripped Sweater

external image 2.jpg
I'd like to call this little number "Striped Sweater".
The best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time,
One with a collar, turtleneck, that's the kind,
'Cause when you're wearing that....one....special....sweater....

Hey all you People

Hey all you people
Hey all you people
Hey all you people
won't you listen to me,
I just had a sandwich,
No ordinary sandwich,
I sandwhich filled with jellyfish jelly,
Hey man you got to try this sandwich,
It's no ordinary sandwich,
It the tastiest sandwich in the sea.
AH De ba da ba doo ba da ba de ba da da. Yeah

Without You

external image krustykrab.jpg
A stove is a stove
No matter where you go.
A patty is a patty,
That's what I say.
A grill is a grill,
This is surely so,
And fries should be fries
Either way.
But this grill is not a home.
This is not the stove I know.
I would trade it all away
If you'd come back to stay.
This kitchen's not the same without you.
It's just a greasy spoon without you.