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Music should be appreciate for the beauty that it holds.
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I. History

II. Musical Genres

A genre is a category of things that are similar.

A. Rock n Roll

Evolving in the late 1940s and early 1950s Rock n Roll started in the U.S. influenced by genres such as rhythm and blues, country, folk, gospel, and jazz. One of the most influential, and most popular and well known of the original rock n rollers was, of course, Elvis Presley.

Here we see Elvis work the crowd as fans scream and cry for the artists attention.

B. Punk

The underground movement was started in the UK. Punk, characterized by its thrashing sound and hardcore lyrics, was considered "DIY". Most people will tell you that the only good punk is punk that is "against the man". The one thing that no one in the punk community want s to do is sell out. There have even been books written on the subject, such as My so-called punk.

1. Punk Rock

Brody Dalle is the lead singer of a great example of original punk, The Distillers.

2. Emotionally Hardcore (EMO)

Emotionally Hard core, or EMO was originated as a punk subculture. Pioneered by bands such as Rites of Spring and Embrace, EMO hit the mainstrems. All that EMO is was punk, slowed down and became more lyrical. In the 2000s bands like Jimmy Eat World and Dashboard Confessional made EMO socially acceptable and cleared the way for bands such as Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, and Cute is hat we aim for.

ii. Screamo

Screamo is the edgy side of emo. They combine EMO lyrics with hardcore punk music and metal screaming. In the fist wave (1991-1995)Screamo was very mod and not very highly accepted in the mainstream. The second wave(2000-present) however brought bands such as Thursday and Underoath are now quite accepted.

3. Pop Punk

Skye Sweetnam mixes her girly tunes with an edgy feel. She most definately redefines the term "pop punk".

Also known as "mall punk" or "bubblegum punk", pop punk is a sub genre that mixes the best of punk with the best of pop.

4. Riot Grrrl

Started in the 1990s this Punk subculture has a serious theme. Theres girls are ultra feminists who adress issues such as rape, domestic abuse, sexuality, and female empowerment. What they say should not be taken lightly. They say it for a reason and that reason is for awareness.

C. Blues

Blues is sort of in a way related to Jazz. Blues are mostly songs that have to deal with heartbreak, or sadness. There are several instruments that help produce this Blue's music Such as the Harmonica, trombone,guitar,piano, and the bass Guitar.The Blues were first made by a man named Hart Wand recording his first Blues song "Memphis Blues" in 1912. The Blues along with other different genres of music was a hit during a time called "The Roaring Twenties" the time before the Great Depression had began. Many Blues singer exploded in fame such a singer Bessie Smith.She was known mostly for her powerful voice. Bessie also sang jazz along with other musicians such as Louis Armstrong and Fletcher Henderson. In total Bessie had a 160 recordings before her death.

D. Jazz

Click here to learn about jazz!!!

1. Acid Jazz

E. Pop

F. Hip Hop

Follow the link to see an AMAZINGLY thorough history of hip hop.

G. Rap

rap is a wicked style of music that deals with anger, war, living a hard life, or trying to survive in a bad neighborhood. rapping is a style of rhyming but at a fast beat. Rap originated way back before Blues or Jazz had began. Rapping is considered very creative because not only are they songs But they also use a lot of literary techniques such as similes, metaphors,assonance,consonance and Alliteration. There is another type of rap called "Flow Rap" which is when somebody raps really fast without breathing or taking a rest. It's very difficult for the main thing here is being able to control your breath. There are famous rappers such as Notorious B.I.G., Chamillionaire, T.I, Lil Wayne, and many more. Rapping has continued to be a music genre that has been mostly heard. Statistics show that it's mostly youg teenagers who like to listen to rap for it has a very cool way of singing.

H. Reggae

Sublime can be catagorized as many things but a definate genre that influenced them was reggae

I. Alternative

Dance Gavin Dance
Escape the Fate
Escape the Fate

Framing Hanley
Lucky Boys Confusion
Scary Kids Scaring Kids
Set your Goals
Something Corporate
The Almost
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

1. Alternative country

The Caroline Movement
The Caroline Movement

2. Alternative dance

3. Alternative hip hop

4. Alternative metal

Marilyn Manson

5. Alternative rock

Rise Against

Tokio Hotel


Relient K

6. Adult Alternative

Stroke 9

J. Country

Miranda Lambert
Taylor Swift

K. Cover Bands

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

L. Metal



System of a Down


1. Hair metal


M. Techno/ Electronic


1. Bubblegum Dance

A type of Euro pop that usually involves upbeat melodies and childish and/or playful lyrics.

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