I think an interesting topic would be dancing. There's so many different kinds, from Spanish music like merengue, cumbia, reggaeton and salsa, to hip-hop, and ball room dancing, or whatever.
You can add different kinds of music to dance to below that you would like to see below:

It is said that Headbanging first started
during Led Zeppelin's first US tour in 1968. During a show at the Boston Tea Party, audience members in the first row were banging their heads against the stage in rhythm with the music.



Who here is Colombian!?! If you are, you should know that it came from COLOMBIA!! Cumbia started as the "musical expression of the national resistance" and that it was comfortable and danced in the streets. It in the Caribbean costs of Colombia when they were struggling for independence around the early 1800's. Today it's super popular in South America, Central America and Mexico.
cumbiacouple.jpg cumbiadancer.jpg

It's argued where this dance originated. But, I love it!


Salsa is a Spanish dance that is danced all over!! While you are dancing salsa you have to rely o your hips!

Hip hop

Hip Hop dancing originally started in New York City in the 1970s
Hip Hop are styles like street dance and just do funky stuffs with your body.
Some of hip hop dance styles are breaking, locking, popping and krumping.
This TV show has a lot of dancers showing their hip hop dancing abilities.
Unfortunately, CPS doesn't allow me on MTV.
But the show is America's Best Dance Crew
Watch it at home!