This is Jambalaya. Its a Louisiana dish.
It is made with white rice.
Any type of meat; bite size.
And usually shrimp.
Then, you cant forget any type of spicy hot stuff! [but depends on how you flavor of it]


Everybody knows that the hot dog is an American food


Filet O Fish


Chicken strip


Macaroni & Cheese
The main ingredients of macaroni and cheese are cooked macaroni
and a cheese sauce, usually mad e from cheddar or American Cheese.
The cheese sauce is generally either made in the fashion of Mornay sauce, or as a custard base with added cheese.


is a hamburger accompanied with melted cheese.
The cheese that is added to a cheeseburger is typically American cheese,
but there are many other variations. Mozzarella, blue cheese, pepper jack,
and especially cheddar are popular choices.

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