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Basic Wiki skills:

    • Create a new page
    • Link to another page within the wiki
    • Link to another website
    • Add a picture
    • Add text to a page
    • Use the Discussion pages
    • View recent changes to the wiki and the history of each page.
    • Work together to add content to the wiki

Brainstorm Topics

Use discussion section of wikitopics page to suggest topics and discuss same
Use the discussion page for this page to brainstorm topics- that means write down ideas that come into your head, good or bad.

Choose Topics and Groups

    • Discuss topics and decide which topic you would like to do
    • Discuss who will work on each topic- you should know who your group members are
  • Create topic page for you topic
  • Link to topic page from Navigation Pane
  • Use discussion section of your topic page to decide what to write about with your other group members
  • Research your topic

Outline your topic

    • Use heading styles for main topics and subtopics
    • Embed table of contents widget

Complete Topics

  • Add content to your Topic page(s)
  • Fix mistakes and edit finished product

Keep in mind that I can look at your profile to see how many page edits you've done, and how productive you've been. This will also be factored into your grade for this assignment.

Fair Use:

You can use information from other websites as long as you use quotes and have a link to the original page.
According to the American Medical Association,
“Serious risk of cancer can be prevented by eating a healthy diet” (link)

Topic Pages

  • Next to your student sandbox page, add which topic you are working on
  • Add a Link to your main topic page from Navigation Pane
  • Add Group member names on bottom of Topic Page
  • At least 5 pictures on the topic page- small-medium in size
  • At least 5 links to other wiki pages for each TOPIC
  • At least 1 link to another website for each SUBtopic
  • Add your name to the subtopics you work on
  • At least 10 Subtopics for each topic page
  • Table of Contents for the topic page

History of Computing*
Stored Program Architecture*
Example of a Program
How Computers Work*
Control Unit
Arithmetic/logic Unit
Networking and the Internet
Further Topics*
Programming Languages
Professions and Organizations
External Links*