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the 9th doctor


9th Doctor Companions


Rose Tyler-season 1

She first appeared in the episode 'Rose' and was the Doctor's companion for two seasons. She looked into the heart of the time vortex and destroyed the entire Dalek army and the emperor of the Daleks. The doctor regenerated after absorbing the time vortex from her.

Captain Jack

Met the Doctor in 1940's WW2 London in the episode 'The Empty Child'. Made immortal when Rose brought him back to life when she had the power of the time vortex. He kept on living and living for millions of years until becoming the Face of Boa. He died in 'Gridlock' but not before tell the doctor that he wasn't alone. He joined Torchwood and has a spinoff series called Torchwood.

the 10th doctor


Regenerated into the Tenth Doctor after taking the Time Vortex out of Rose. First appeared in 'The Christmas Invasion'. Has a human timelord clone that stays with Rose in Pete's world which is what he calls the parallel dimension.

10th doctor companions

Rose Tyler

Stayed with the Doctor for all of season two before being trapped in Pete's world in the episode 'Doomsday'. Tried to get back to her world after that and met the Doctor again. Last seen in 'The Parting of Ways'

Mickey Smith

Traveled with the Doctor for a short amount of time before staying in Pete's world for good in 'The Age of Steel'. Came back briefly in 'Doomsday' and 'The Parting of Ways'. Was Rose's boyfriend but he left her when he figured out that she loved the Doctor.

Martha Jones

Wanted to be a doctor.She stopped the Master by roaming the world and telling people about the Doctor and telling them to all think of his name at one specfic time. She traveled with the Doctor for all of season three before staying at her house and joining unit after 'The last of the Timelords' fought for unit in 'The Stolen Earth' and 'The Parting of ways

Donna Noble

The Doctor's companion for the fourth season. A temp who doesn't think that she can do anything. Responsible for the creation of the human Timelord meta crisis Doctor. Had her memory erased because her human body couldn't handle the Doctor's mind