kirsten is my bffl and a homie straight up O.G. =D and this is me being random and writing about nothing =]]]] oooohhhh n gustavo is a O.G. too hehehe so hey since your here n all go check out my blog muaha mia's blog i added a link yessss... you know what ima put a pic of the bestest movie ever on here external image napoleon_dynamite.jpgheck yess! psshh click on the picture to get to the fan club

HACK HACK HACK!!!! Kissie Chaos hacked this site cuz she lurves Mia and they are besties and they eat cookie dough!!!!!

oh and here are other great movies w/links to a page about it =]]
external image moz-screenshot.jpgexternal image the-nightmare-before-christmas.jpgexternal image lion-king-DVDcover.jpgexternal image beetlejuice.jpgexternal image powerrangersmovie1.jpg
kay here is a link to a new page that i made =] here ima show off my new skills n stuff woop woop lol so click here already and see it!
um wowza! im really bored so i wanna try something right here... click this to see something cool :)
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