Hey I'm Kirstin... You may call me Kirstin you may call me Kissie, I will answer to both. Kissie Chaos is my screen name so hit me up on myspace! So ya... um about me... I'm weird? But you'll love me for it. =] So this is my page that ima mess around with! ooooooooo by the way I LOVE music! It is love life and everything good in this world! Some time soon I will PROLLY make a page for music until then though... you'll just havta put up with me! lol Oh ya and i forgot that I have the most AMAZING friends in the whole entire world! For instance in this class I have one of my bestys MIA!!!! I luv this chicka fa sho! [[oh em gee youve just been hacked because i hacked you fo sho!!! mia muahaha :)]]

Ya this has to be THE GREATEST band ever...WAAAAAYYYYY better than Metallica!

oooooooooooooooooooooooooo before i forget!!!!! check out my website... it fantasic!!!! Look here!!! click click click! WHY AREN'T YOU CLICKING????

mia was hear again so she gonna put something coolio


^ Isn't Mia Just So Amazing? ^