Jazz has been around for so many years and has always brought music to our ears! Jazz is a combination of many instruments such as the Saxophone, piano, cello, Clarinet, Trombone,and the clarinet. Jazz began in the early 1900's. The style was originated from Ragtime which back then was a very popular. Jazz as well as Hip Hop Originated from the west African Part of Africa. Since back then much of the U.S had slaves the slaves would bring their tribal musical traditions and would unite together and sing songs about their lives and their mistreatment.
There are many Jazz musicians one of them was Louis Armstrong
Louis Armstrong was born in August 4,1901. His family was very poor when he was young and he was the grandson of a slave.One of his influences would be the Ragtime music for he was at the bottom of society but was still rich in music.It was at the age of 11 that Louis began to learn how to play the cornet. soon forming a band to play in the streets to get money and take his mom out of prostitution. As his career began to rise in fame he formed a band called Louis Armstrong and his Stompers. unfortunately Louis died on July 6, 1971,leaving behind his jazz music.

Another famous Jazz musician is Duke Ellington
Duke Ellington was also a famous musician as well as Louis Armstrong and there was a time when they both played together.